6 Tips to Write an Email Newsletter for Event Marketing

Within the first six months of the pandemic, one virtual events platform reported 1000% growth, according to Forbes. Common types of online events include webinars, virtual events, livestreaming events and hybrid events. The best way to convey the energy and excitement of your event is with rich imagery. Embed a slideshow of photos from the event on your blog, and be smart with your captions. Rather than writing exactly what’s in the photos, use a quote from one of the people in the image, reference a presentation they gave, or point to a guest post they wrote for your site.

Long form written content is another great way to capture your audience’s imagination, build brand awareness and appear expert in your field. Remember to research your topic and competitors, engage industry experts and share your articles widely. Don’t forget those all-important event CTAs at the end of the piece. Once you have a suite of articles or blogposts, you can use them as part of a wider content marketing campaign. Successful event marketing requires a seamless interplay of strategy, logistics, on-site coordination, and press coverage.

If an in-person experience isn’t feasible, get creative with technology, VR, or AR to create the next best thing. Nowadays, digital experiences can feel just as real as in-person. But to truly grab your audiences attention, you might need to think beyond traditional social campaigns. Consider how you might leverage your audience for key business decisions. If they’re the ones who will be buying and using your product, they’re also the ones best-equipped to tell you what’s working, and what isn’t. An experiential campaign is one good opportunity to connect directly with your consumers and create enjoyable experiences in which they can provide perspective.

We want to publish content that adds value to our readers. Only send us a pitch if you have quality information to convey. Please be sure to pitch a topic or send an article that’s not yet written on our site and on other sites. We want an exclusive article writing sample submission ONLY to PrimeLightBoxes.com. For free updates on upcoming Australian events, articles and resources. Please submit at least one relevant image to accompany each article approximately.

It’s time to harness the power of your meetings and surge ahead of your competition. The approach that Stories of Failure founders used was a sip of fresh air for a modern success-centered world. Better yet, Fuckup nights managed to pinpoint audiences’ pain and fears and boost listeners’ confidence. Provide the opportunity to watch your event both on and offline. For better results, you can add other communication channels to your flow.

Surprisingly, event marketing helps increase your brand’s online presence as well. 48% of millennials attend events to share their experiences on social media. For businesses, this means higher outreach and brand awareness. Eventtia is an event technology company that creates best-in-class software for corporate, higher education, and association events.

VIP events can achieve these goals by gathering a room full of influential shareholders, key customers, and other honored guests. 7% of business representatives said VIP events have the highest impact on their company’s KPIs. If you want to learn about event basics, event marketing ideas, or event tech, bookmark the Eventbrite Blog. This makes almost every blog share-worthy, no matter what role you play in making an event happen.

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56% of people are afraid of missing an event, news, or important update on social media. This makes FOMO, or the fear of missing out, a significant driving force for your event marketing. Event marketing is highly effective for achieving business goals, boosting revenue, and making strong connections with prospects and customers. Still, not all events are equally beneficial for your brand. Let’s unveil the types of occasions that marketers consider the most valuable.

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