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So, there’s one really easy place to look for that, Audible. This service has pretty much every audiobook you could ever want, from non-fiction business and self-help books to the latest YA and your standard classics. We ask that your article not be published elsewhere previously to publishing with us. You are free to publish elsewhere afterwards provided you state that the article was first published on GIFTS FOR MYSTICS and provide a link back to the original.

Toolbox designed specifically to nourish creativity. It includes 60 exercises, as well as games, prompts and more that are sure to get stories across the finish line. Writer’s clock where each hour is labeled with a task. Create custom stationery, give your party invitations an official flourish or ensure those who borrow your books remember to give them back. Your writer could use these to add some personality to their home office or stage an elaborate battle when they should be revising. These action figures are a good reminder that writers are superheros, too.

You can read more about the subscription service here. If there’s one thing every writer can relate to, it’s procrastination. The notebooks, prints, and mugs in The Writers’ HQ Sweary Shop will keep those writers writing with their funny messages. Yup, with this notebook, they can connect to their iPhone or Android smartphone.

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Even for non-writers, this personalized initial necklace is a great and simple option to elevate nearly any look. Give them a sneak peek into legendary horror author Stephen King’s writing process in this memoir-lecture hybrid of a story. If they’re a fan of Stephen King’s work, you can pair this with one of his bestselling books. I am offering paid guest posting on my quality blog, I accepted only general niches.

This book is considered by many to be a must-have addition to any writer’s arsenal. This text has been used in schools, libraries and respectable writing workshops. The trick with book gifts, is you’ll need to sneak around their house to see if they have the book the next time you’re stopping by their house. If there’s a writer in your life, they’d almost certainly appreciate a gift that lets them fuel their favorite hobby.