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Keeping fit never goes out of fashion, in fact, the arrival of stylish smartwatches with fitness apps has made the entire experience highly functional and more fashionable. It’s easy to track all your activities that contribute towards your fitness efforts. A smartwatch helps you to count your daily steps, keeps a record of your heart rate, counts the calories burned, and does a whole lot more. Think about it, at the end of a busy day, when you check your fitness smartwatch, you see that you have burned more calories than yesterday – what an amazing feeling that is! That’s the notable benefit of fitness smartwatches, you can check your progress in actual figures every day in real-time. Pebble was an innovative smartwatch that raised the most money at the time on Kickstarter reaching $10.3 Million between 12 April – 18 May 2012.

Just because it looks snazzy doesn’t mean it lacks the fitness-tracking chops that Garmin is known for. You can track your heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration, and sleep, and this data can be synced to Garmin’s Connect app. That also means the watch can gauge your Body Battery, which speculates how much energy you might have for the day based on a range of data collected by the sensors. It’ll last around three to five days doing all of this.


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Below is a roundup of the best smartwatches we’ve tested. We’ve got plenty more workout-friendly options in our Best Fitness Trackers and Best Garmin Watches guides. The smartwatchputs your smartphone on your wrist– syncing with your phone over Bluetooth. Fitbits are fitness trackers, which do have functionality similar to smartwatches, but they focus on fitness-oriented features and don’t often come with the advanced features of smartwatches. The other niche includes specialty devices intended for specific-use cases. These devices often offer a more robust version of a fitness tracker, insofar as they bleed between a phone-dependent smartwatch and a stand-alone fitness tracker like a Fitbit.

Samsung’s SPH-WP10 was the first watch phone; its battery lasted for 90 minutes of calling time. We all use social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram or any other. You can simply get the notifications on your wrist with your smartwatch that allows you to connect with the people on social media. All you need to check your smartphone when it vibrates.