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In the early days of the automobile, there were just a handful of companies that were itching to grow. Today, however, there are 14 major global corporations that control more than 60 major automotive brands across the globe, and that doesn’t even count the little local companies in various countries around the world. This page is your portal to each and every automaker from Mazda to Chevy, Suzuki, and even some exotic brands like McLaren and Lamborghini. Established alternatives for some aspects of car use include public transport such as busses, trolleybusses, trains, subways, tramways, light rail, cycling, and walking.


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The US-built Thomas Flyer with George Schuster won the race covering 35,000 km in 169 days. Also in 1908, the first South American automobile was built in Peru, the Grieve. In 1909, Rambler became the first car company to equip its cars with a spare tire that was mounted on a fifth wheel. By 1906, steam car development had advanced, and they were among the fastest road vehicles in that period. By 1900, mass production of automobiles had begun in France and the US. The use of autogas or natural gas in vehicles can become sporadically popular—often depending on the supply and cost of gasoline.

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His inventions were, however, limited by problems with water supply and maintaining steam pressure. In 1801, Richard Trevithick built and demonstrated his Puffing Devil road locomotive, believed by many to be the first demonstration of a steam-powered road vehicle. It was unable to maintain sufficient steam pressure for long periods and was of little practical use. The costs to the individual include acquiring the vehicle, interest payments , repairs and maintenance, fuel, depreciation, driving time, parking fees, taxes, and insurance. The costs to society include maintaining roads, land use, road congestion, air pollution, public health, healthcare, and disposing of the vehicle at the end of its life. Traffic collisions are the largest cause of injury-related deaths worldwide.

As Cugnot’s design proved to be impractical, his invention was not developed in his native France. By 1784, William Murdoch had built a working model of a steam carriage in Redruth and in 1801 Richard Trevithick was running a full-sized vehicle on the roads in Camborne. Your guest posting article must be relate to automobile, such as cars, trucks, auto repair, auto deals, auto maintenance etc. The automotive industry designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells the world’s motor vehicles, more than three-quarters of which are cars. In 2020, there were 56 million cars manufactured worldwide, down from 67 million the previous year.

Both enterprises standardized design, production, purchasing, and sales and they advertised or marketed their car models jointly, although keeping their respective brands. Carl Benz remained a member of the board of directors of Daimler-Benz until his death in 1929, and at times, his two sons also participated in the management of the company. In 1896, Benz designed and patented the first internal-combustion flat engine, called boxermotor. During the last years of the 19th century, Benz was the largest car company in the world with 572 units produced in 1899 and, because of its size, Benz & Cie., became a joint-stock company.