How much do you know about Casino?

How much do you know about casino? Do you know about Players Club? Players clubs are great, and if you are at regular casinos, you want to get the maximum allowance and value in exchange for the money you spend, it is a member and it is important that you can use your card. But the important business is closed: the player’s club is primarily for the benefit of the casino. Clubs not only promote brand loyalty, but also provide profiling information that is beneficial to the casino’s marketing department.


Player clubs give the casino an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about their main player, the slot player. When you use your card, the computer records, the machine you played, the coin betting (betting), and the coin payment (prize money) for the period you played them.

The information collected is used to identify the cashback offerings and disadvantages you have the right to receive. Separately, the marketing department and the player development team can choose direct mail for a specific sport level.

Each casino host can display the player’s data on the computer screen so that it knows about a particular slot player. Because it is related to the casino player “price”.

You do not worry too much about how much you win or lose. You really want to know when you are traveling, what time you play, and what community you like. In contrast to video poker games, it is also worth noting whether to play slots.

Over time, the player may request a “win / loss” to the casino. In the case of a hole player, the explanation is specific to where the jackpot is financially located if you declare a loss of $ 1,200 or more. You must declare.


Records organized for table players are a different story.

The table player’s win / loss door is based on the information provided by the boxer who is evaluating your game. If you submit your card to the dealer with a request to rate the table game, the manager will record your purchase amount. Then check your bet amount regularly. When you leave the table, you record the correct amount.

Since many players “punch” pocket chips between table games while winning the game, the amount they try is not really an accurate measure, although they are really.

The table player is mainly evaluated with a com value. This is scored and determines the player’s value. This value is mainly based on the spending formula for a number of hours using a casino known as the “theoretical year”, using an average bet.



Again, this is not how you win or lose, but how you play and how much you play. Because each game has a dominance of the underlying home, there is a price each player pays to play the game alone. This price is your theoretical loss. The longer you play, the more damage your computer gets from casinos, as you gamble.

The expression of the game is not correct for the players of the table game, but provides a comprehensive estimate according to the human input. If you take a long time to play the game, your loss can be exaggerated to emphasize the theoretical loss.

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