Quick Brown Fox: Two Catholic magazines that pay $300 $500 for stories, essays, reviews, feature articles, etc

So if you’re sending a tall photo of a statue of Mary, we’re not going to be able to show the whole statue as the featured image – but we can use it elsewhere in the article. Of course, we need a featured image for every post, but it’s good to have at least one image inside the article as well. That can be the featured image in a different shape, or it can be an extra image – or more than one extra image, especially if it’s a longer article. Images help to break up long runs of text. Keeping in mind that many of our readers are very busy moms with small children, often reading on their mobile phones, we request that you aim for a length around 800 words.

Editorially, we choose not to post on overtly controversial topics and do not post on political elections, candidates, or parties. There are times when a general reference is appropriate, but we never call out individuals by name for their support of certain policies. We do not accept partial articles with links to read the rest at another site. We will only print full articles at CatholicMom.com.

Picture book reviews are necessarily going to be shorter than reviews of 300-page spiritual nonfiction work, and that’s fine. You may use your own photos with your articles. If you submit more than one image, please be sure that you include notes within the article itself that indicate where each image should be placed. All submitted images should measure at least 1080 pixels wide and should be in JPG or PNG format . Because we can no longer use images from public-domain image aggregation sites, we are not requiring our authors to submit images to accompany their articles. Ms. Juneau…I had sent a couple of responses showing my interest in being considered as a columnist.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Word count is flexible — of far more importance is the quality of writing and the ability to carry reader interest through the whole story. That said, most of our pieces fall into a range of 500-1,000 words. Resonate with our readers;” those words epitomize my objective–to evangelize through writing.

Tell us how many words you think you will need to write your commentary. Generally, commentaries are 700-1,200 words long. Tell us when we could expect your commentary to be done, or the deadline. Any outside expenses expected to be reimbursed by NCR, such as travel or parking, should first be cleared with the assigning editor.

If possible, mention the author’s name and the title at least two more times during your review. Email your article to Articles must be submitted in a Word document, not in the body of the email. Please include your name in the document title. We plan our content calendar six to eight weeks in advance, so articles tied to a timely event should be submitted with this timeframe in mind. CS publishes articles which point out sin and sinners, especially growing trends in our society, just not naming an individual. This guideline came after abuses by writers.

Journal of Franciscan history, philosophy, and theology. “A magazine devoted to Catholic Social Teaching and incisize comment on current issues.” Pro-life magazine, organ of the American Life League.

Expect a response from me later tonight. I just submitted my conversion story yesterday on the Feast Day of St. Joseph for a writing contest held by California Catholic Daily News. It is about my personal encounter with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta when I was a young radio reporter and the important role she played in my conversion. Send us your Twitter handle and links to your blog or other online publications.