Science Writing for Freelancers: 20 Markets That Pay $100 to $2,500

And you can write about it for theSmithsonianmagazine. Breaking science news that hasn’t been covered in depth yet, an inside scoop, or a scandal within the scientific community will put your idea on the fast track for consideration. And there’s opportunity to write for the online version of Science as well as the print version.

By Ali Haider Noorani Even though we acknowledge the achievements that the Muslim society contributed to the scientific community, we cannot forget that it is losing its battle to… You could write something every day, every week, or every month – it’s up to you. Not everything written has to be critical (explanation/summaries are fine), but a general slant towards thoughtful/critical writing is what we’re looking for.

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Many people find science fascinating despite being only exposed to outdated science in school textbooks. The problem is that the frontiers of scientific research are often clouded in jargon and complexity. Most of the articles we publish take one of the following forms. Conduct research regarding interesting concepts and facts related to science through various online resources, studies, and by doing interviews with scientists. The research has to be done with proper scientific rigor.


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Explain why it’s a good fit for the magazine and what section it’s best suited for. If you have ideas for a sidebar, infographic, quiz, or other graphic element, be sure to explain. Big Buds Mag is an authority pub for cannabis industry, policy makers, growers and retailers, and users . Key areas for science writing include articles about growing and cultivation methods, medical research, and scientific advances in cannabis.