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Us20110079836a1 Dram Cell With Double-gate Fin-fet, Dram Cell Array And Fabrication Method Thereof

Many industry experts consider that direct- write EEPROMs will very doubtless substitute magnetic storage media someday in the close to future. Any device/fabrication technique enhancements which produce a denser memory array with decreased power necessities and improved performance traits will due to this fact have a major impact in the trade. The current invention relates in general to semiconductor reminiscence gadgets suitable for electrically erasable programmable read only memories , and more notably, to non-volatile, three-dimensional, direct-write EEPROM arrays with high integration density and to fabrication strategies thereof. The methodology of forming a semiconductor structure as claim 7, whereby the step of removing the portion of the conformal layer is by using DHF answer. The method of forming a semiconductor construction as declare 7, whereby the substrate comprises a plurality of sources or drains. In view of the aforementioned steps for forming the semiconductor structure in accordance with the present invention, it ought to be understood that the dimension of contact window for bit line is elevated.

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The direct-write EEPROM reminiscence array of claim eight, wherein stated polysilicon floating gates are disposed along opposite partitions of said shallow trenches and are separated from stated semiconductor substrate by a high dielectric materials such that when a negative charge resides on certainly one of mentioned floating gates, the flexibility to form an inversion layer in stated substrate adjacent mentioned negatively charged floating gate is decreased. Although an EEPROM memory array constructed pursuant to the above-described method is dense, the requirement of an inhibit voltage between adjacent wells to stop writing of the identical info to the floating gates coupled to the same diffusion could be a complication. Also, the substrate channel should have two threshold voltages, and for correct operation of the inhibit operate. FIG.s 10a & 10b introduce an alternate embodiment of an EEPROM memory cell and array pursuant to the current invention.

The check device as claimed in declare sixteen, wherein a voltage is applied to the first bit line and the second bit line is grounded when the primary, second, third and fourth transistors are turned on, and a present leakage between the first and second deep trench capacitors is set based on whether the primary and second bit traces are electrically coupled when the primary, second, third and fourth transistors are turned on. A plurality of reminiscence cells are formed within the reminiscence region and a minimum of one test system 200 is formed in the scribe line region concurrently, wherein each reminiscence cell has a deep trench capacitor and a corresponding transistor as proven in FIG. 2, and the take a look at gadget 200 has the construction as shown in FIG. 5 is a diagram of the test gadget 200 as shown in FIG.

Accompanying drawing 8A is depicted as the profile of ditch type DMOSFET of routine of the step covering downside of the conformal skinny steel layer of explanation. Accompanying drawing 6 is depicted because the profile of standard vertical furrow type DMOSFET, and this DMOSFET has the contact zone masks features and crosses the N+ source electrode that the entire table top between the adjoining ditch extends. According to a further aspect of the invention, could be arranged on the ushowell technology… top of ditch to scale back the interelectrode capacitance of source contact space steel and grid by the determined oxide function of contact zone masks. According to an extra facet in the invention, gate oxide degree also is included near the third part the ditch backside, and third half is thicker than first.The puncture that this has just lowered gate-to-drain electrical capacity and has been averted area plate to trigger.