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Yes, video games now have more depth in that respect, but, in the end, they aren’t movies or television episodes. Flow Charts – Games these days are very complex — the RPGs (role-playing games) especially. The players will have to make many decisions throughout the game.

These elements are all primarily developed through a collaborative effort involving the project directors and game designers. The writer is there to flesh out the concepts being developed and perform the actual documentation in the form of everything listed above. Final Storyboard Script – If there’s anything that is similar to a feature film screenplay within the video game development process, it’s the storyboard script. This is written after everything mentioned above has been completed. Consider this to be the master storyboard that documents the gameplay and story elements from beginning to end. The game writer doesn’t sell their concept and watch game designers bring their vision to life through beautiful visuals and interactive gameplay.Project Directors are the ones that run the show.