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As soon as you arrive on Doomtree’s about us page, you’re greeted with big, bold photos of those friends. After you write a draft, you can use one of HubSpot’s done-for-you website templates to create your about page’s layout. These website templates can be installed and customized in minutes.


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Your copy must relate to them and address their specific needs. It should tap into their emotions and motivate them to take action. One of the easiest ways to begin building trust? To visitors, you’re probably just a website address.

While the copy is an important element of your about page, you’ll also want to showcase your brand story and identity to the world. These about us page templates create a compelling, customizable user experience. Even if you’re running a startup with a brief history, you’ll want to share your company’s progress. Talk about how you got to where you are today on your about page.

LinkedIn preferred but we also accept Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. IF YOU ARE EMAILING FROM A Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address, we will not reply. We are a professional business site and only highlight writing from professional sources. So don’t give only the same boring impersonal facts most people do. Showcase the exciting personality of your business and the people behind it. The Internet is teeming with websites selling similar goods and services.

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. It’s key to remember that this approach doesn’t have to be boring. Add ingredients that showcase what makes your brand great. Don’t ignore your CTA as a key part of your About Us page that can add to your brand identity. It’s a great opportunity to convey what your brand is all about. Consider using animation to show instead of telling how your product comes together.

That story on the About Us page was complemented by an adorable old photo of father and 8-year-old son on a construction site. Convey the passion you feel for your company’s mission. Be sincere and personal as you tell the story of your brand.