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You may very well have some research work before starting your content, but make sure there is no plagiarism. Also, please do not provide us with any content that shows that you endorse any of the brands. The article must be unique and original for Digital Technology Guide and can not be published on any other blog or page, so as not to harm any website. Do add a short introduction (3-4 lines) and conclusion (3-4 lines) to the article submitted.

We welcome people who have in-depth knowledge of technologies like mobile applications, web applications, and development tools & testing. If you want to write for us to create your online portfolio, or you want to submit your guest post, you must follow this guideline. So, read all the points before you write an article for us. There are many reasons for giving more importance to guest posting for better SEO result.

If you’re reading this page we’re assuming that you’re looking to write an article for the Ultimate Tech News blog. We’re open to guest contributions There’s always the possibility of becoming regular contributors to the blog. Once the blog post published in Digital Technology Guide, you may not publish the post anywhere online. At first, you will have to select some of the content that you plan to write for us.


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But, each blogs have their guideline for creating the content of guest post, You have to keep the blog guideline in your mind when you write for any blog. Benefits of submitting guest on your technology and digital marketing blog. Read our technology blog guest post guideline before to submit the content. IBM Developer offers mobile app development resources, technology, code, starter kits and more. If the content is informative and relevant to our niche, you can write for us Guest Posts in India. A website is useless if it does not generate any revenue.

Technology Write For Us and Posting articles may support you in creating an online profile as a thought leader and boosting your worldwide reach. As a result, start writing for technology so we may consider posting your work on our technology blog. Also, if you have any fresh and trendy technology updates or news, feel free to Technology Write For Us. If you are the one who love to think and contribute, then you are at the right spot.

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Links in your article must lead to authoritative sites only — five link limit, all must be relevant. Generally, when you write your article, you would put some photographs or images to look attractive. But make sure that when you put the images, they must be the original images and not from any other source. This means that you do not provide us with articles from any other source or copy them from any website.

Your item will be posted on our site soon after it has passed all of the tests. Make sure your article gives a fresh insight into the topic. For example, we can have another post on “Trends in the IoT industry”, but you need to have a different perspective in each post. We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content. Search Engine Marketing, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing and online marketing.

Using existing apps accelerates time-to-value and improves cost efficiency by taking advantage of domain and industry expertise built into the app. The app enables adjusters to collaborate closely with customers in the field, improving the accuracy of claims and helping customers feel more involved. The current cellular service standard for most wireless communication.