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Keyword research can also be a great place to start if you don’t know what topics to write about. Keywords help search engines categorize pages for searchers. In other words, using the right keywords attracts the right audience. If you write from a genuine place of experience, and your blogs manage to capture your expertise, that will go a long way to optimizing them for search engines.

The most common and the one we usually use for every law firm we work with is at the end of the blog content. As you can see from the image above, it’s as simple as adding an additional section at the bottom of the post. In fact it looks like it’s just part of the rest of the article. As far as the research on law is concerned, it remains in the periphery of the ordinary people.

We are searching for guest writers that are knowledgeable in specific areas of marketing and are willing to share what they have learned with the community. In particular, we are searching for individuals who can solve common legal marketing and law firm management concerns. These issues include marketing, content marketing, keyword usage, website issues and SEO, law technology, practice management software, and other issues of a similar nature.

Offline publication may include printed, recorded, or other tangible media. Ensure that, as you flesh out the details and expand your blog post, you keep it skimmable. Writing a blog post can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, so we’ll walk you through the choices you have. You need to ensure that you can build a good rapport with a good quality law guest post. This will also help you gain some equally efficient and loyal followers.


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This would include divorce, alimony/spousal support, child custody, child support, modifications, property division, father’s rights and so on. Some family lawyers choose to handle cases that involve domestic violence while others refer those out or avoid them. So, depending on whether or not you would accept those cases will dictate whether or not you should blog on that legal topic. When blogging for lawyers, make sure you stick to the topic your title refers to. If you go off-topic and ramble during your blog post, you’ll end up losing your readers and they’ll head over to your competitors. They consistently connect to several other useful resources.

Free membership includes a 30-day trial of Quimbee, membership in 5 free ABA specialty groups, standard ABA lawyer discounts, and more. • You are required to provide an accurate source citation whenever you refer to someone else’s work or research that has already been published. • Your article needs to be between 600 and 2000 words in length at the very least. You have the option of including incoming as well as outgoing connections.

If you’re using WordPress, you can add a plugin like Yoast , All in One SEO, or RankMath to give you guidance on what you’re doing well and the things on which you can improve. You need to write a meta for the blog, not more than 160 characters. You must have a plagiarism free article, unpublished elsewhere. You are free to choose your own topic within the purview of law/health. If you need assistance with creating content for your firm, our team has years of experience doing so.

The backlink you receive from my blog will be permanent on your website. In certain instances, we can delete your link, such as when you distribute the URL to your guest post on spammy websites. Guest blogging is a vital Off-Page approach for driving ever-increasing traffic to your website. However, the legal material you give should be beneficial to the reader. It will be of great assistance if you write it in blog format and problem-solving format. You can likewise develop a short author bio that boasts regarding your success as a writer/ guest blogger as well as we will certainly be glad to place it before our visitors.