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Here at Trend Around Us, we are a family of travel enthusiasts who are always ready for interesting travel stories & tips. We aim to build a family, a community of like-minded people who love to share their travel experiences, learn from them, and have a great time. We love to help aspiring bloggers increase their reach, however, writing for us should not be considered a quick way to get links to your blog. Author bio links are marked no-follow in line with Google’s guidelines. You can propose in-content links, but we do not guarantee that they will be published in the article. Links out to businesses are highly likely to be removed.

By photographing, editing, and presenting images, you can tell a story in a way that no other media can. If you are a regular contributor, you’ll have an author biography page . Once you’ve delivered your first draft, we’ll provide you feedback and tell you what needs to be changed to make it publishable.

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To increase the chances of your blog or article being published, please follow the guidelines outlined below. Are you one of those crazy people like us who love travelling and sharing their travel experiences with the world? Well, if you are, then you definitely would love the opportunity to share your travel stories and experiences on such a platform where you can find the right audience. Share your beautiful moments and lovely memories and travel tips to help many other travellers like you to have a great trip. We are searching for travel, tourism and adventure articles including your personal experiences, travel hacks, travel stories and insider tips that add value to our readers. And, of course, the articles must be connected to everything related to travel and adventure.

The benefits of writing for us include ongoing exposure of your content to an international audience. Authentic and original submissions – We do not accept any articles that have been published anywhere else. Unfortunately, this goes against Google’s policy and we have a standard for the articles on our website.

And, you must be able to follow our guidelines to get started with the process. So, it’s advised to refrain from keeping the tone of your guest post from being overly formal. And, make sure the content also matches the personality of our brand. You should also maintain a conversational and friendly tone throughout your guest post to keep your readers engaged. Before submitting a guest post, make sure the article is free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Please note that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible, but we reserve the right to make changes to fit the tone, voice, or narrative flow of your post to fit our site. Whenever possible we will ask you for edits before we make our own changes. Our readers don’t have that kind of skrill, so please, leave the suggestions for luxury resorts and pricey hotels for someone else. We receive a high volume of pitches, and only accept a very small percentage of the absolute best ones. We don’t accept the vast majority of pitches we recieve. Writers should be experts about the destinations they pitch.