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And don’t forget, you’ll also need to be setting aside money to pay your self-employed taxes. Charging appropriate, professional rates for your work instead of rock-bottom Craigslist-ad type rates is a quick route to growing your income. Replacing even one lower-paying gig with a better-paying one will improve the picture. And that will help you stave off Empty Bank Account Syndrome.


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This also has the potential to become a recurring opportunity. Money Journey Today is all about well written personal finance articles, covering topics such as saving and investing money, getting out of debt, real estate, retirement advice and more! We are not certified financial advisers, but amateur bloggers passionate about everything finance. Smart personal finance involves developing strategies that include budgeting, creating an emergency fund, paying off debt, using credit cards wisely, saving for retirement, and much more.

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How many hours are you giving that client? For instance, here at Tice Hall we make split mortgage payments — half at the beginning and half in the middle of the month. That’s easier on cash flow than having to pay the whole amount at once. To extend this strategy further, there are some bills you can pay late without penalty.

After you’re organized, you’ll want to focus on taking advantage of every tax deduction and credit available, as well as deciding between the two when necessary. In short, a tax deduction reduces the amount of income on which you are taxed, whereas a tax credit reduces the amount of tax that you owe. This means that a $1,000 tax credit will save you much more than a $1,000 deduction. Insurance can cover most of the hospital bills as you age, leaving your hard-earned savings in your family’s hands—medical expenses are one of the leading reasons for debt.

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