Write for Us: Real Estate Guest Post Opportunity

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We reserve the right to format the submitted article to match our look and feel. Tends to correct spelling & grammar and add any additional images needed to make the article more visually appealing, though it depends on the individual post. We craft content for your email marketing campaigns as well as your social pages and automatically send and post to your network.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

You will get a link back to your site or social media platforms. Is there a fireplace in the master bedroom? Or maybe an original stained glass window in the entryway? At the very least, it will help potential buyers differentiate your listing from the other dozen they are browsing. Please note that we are sent many article ideas and articles daily, so we are not always able to respond to you straight away.

Agent or employed with a Real Estate company, or a professional with a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. We are inviting talented writers with good written communication skills to write for us who really wants to expose their-write-ups. However, Knowledge of Real Estate and experience in writing a guest post would be added advantage.

In case you will include images in your article, make sure that these are commercially free for use. If it is protected by copyright, our team can request a new image or add photos on their own. When necessary, our team has the right to edit the article according to the style. This also includes correcting misspelled words and minor grammatical errors. Do note that this does not involve major revisions, as it is expected that the articles submitted are complete and ready for publication. Encourage readers to visit your website or any social media platforms.

Share your content in a .doc file and attach the featured image separately. Write for us on these topics only – Real Estate, Home Decor, Construction, Finance, and Home Improvement. Attach an original or royalty free featured image along with your article. You may or may not include an image, but if you do, please make sure that it is free to use commercially. Sign up for our newsletter and get the best of our blog, tailored for you. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submission.

The Rochester Real Estate Blog has been recognized by many reputable websites as one of the best real estate blogs to visit and follow! If you would like to contribute a guest post, we are open to receiving your requests. We welcome writers who can share quality articles on our website. Your articles must add value and should engage our readers through unique perspectives. Helping your clients buy or sell a home is a time-consuming process, and writing a real estate listing description is just one tiny part of the process.

Staying updated on recent real estate industry trends is a must if you want to be on the top. Scroll down to learn more about this offer. If you have not started leveraging the power of guest posting, do promote your real estate based content, don’t wait anymore. Make the right move soon, and you can surely do some premium quality promotions to take your digital authorship to the next level.